Due the seasonal holidays our WAREHOUSE is CLOSED
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12/01 Vacancy Internati...

The International sales assistant plays a key role between, and provides support to, Endoss` customers and Sales & Marketing. It is your job to undertake administration and other office duties, so the sales team is free to focus on the busy business of selling.
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Like our services and disposables, our Equipment has been developed with a view to innovation and user friendliness. For instance our irrigation pump, the endogator has been a great success. Or the PLC controlled leak tester that we developed in-house, and of course the Scopevault that offers a solution for the TEE probes.

  DOWNLOAD our Product Catalogue here or send us an email at info@endoss.nl

HandCheck® vision and Ecoco...

Special tools to learn how to disinfect the hands optimally. Based on LED technology, durable and with continuous stable high resolution, with USB connection for PC or projector. Also to be used as a permanent inspection method for hand disinfection…
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Leak testers

We offer leak testers in manual and fully automatic electronic models. The automatic leak tester pressurizes the endoscope and electronically measures any pressure loss. If this is beyond acceptable tolerances, an alarm will sound and the compressor will start up to prevent mo...
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Endoscope Connectors

Endoss offers a variety of connectors for all types of endoscopes and applications.Download the PDF file below to see what types of connectors Endoss has to offer.For questions and / or prices, please contact info@endoss.nl or 076-5309268.Download the list here for more i...
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