Due the seasonal holidays our WAREHOUSE is CLOSED
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12/01 Vacancy Internati...

The International sales assistant plays a key role between, and provides support to, Endoss` customers and Sales & Marketing. It is your job to undertake administration and other office duties, so the sales team is free to focus on the busy business of selling.
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Endoss has quickly grown to become a specialist with experience in validation of endoscope cleaners and endoscope drying cabinets. We offer validation for every brand and type of endoscope cleaner and endoscope drying cabinet on the basis of NEN ISO15883. Since 2011, we also offer validation of instrument washing machines, bedpan washers, sterilisers, Operating Theatres and CSA rooms.

Audits & Advice
We offer audits based on SFERD directives for CSA and wards.
Advice for the purchase of equipment or disposables and setting up a ward requires expertise and experience. Endoss can provide advice and support for this, for example with the interpretation of the SFERD directive and NEN standards. But we are all ears for good ideas or for product improvements. Please feel free to contact us.

Training programs
Endoss offers training on flexible endoscopes in which SFERD directives, manufacturer’s instructions and practical experience with concrete products are discussed extensively.
Examples include manuals and products used during endoscopic research; activities immediately after an investigation and during transport; manual pre-cleaning; etc.

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